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In 2005, in sheer frustration with what was available in the South African marketplace, the founders of Concrete Shutter Systems set about establishing a unique pre-cast concrete system. The Permanent Concrete Shutter System is a unique design and layout, combination of reinforced, pre-stressed steel, concrete beams and slabs.

With 15 years experience in concrete research and development the inventors have carefully designed a high strength steel fiber concrete mixture, producing baring capacities of 90+mpa concrete. Combined with pre-stressed high tensile steel, the design is sound, creating a mountable, pre-cast, permanent shutter system, which can be used for floors or any other “hard to reach” reinforced slab, requirements.

Staffed by a highly motivated and innovative team of experienced engineers, exciting project advancements are made in the specialized market place they have chosen to serve. By focusing on its commitment to helping construction companies obtain time and cost savings, CSS will distinguish themselves by reinforcing reliability and expertise with competitive pricing.

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